[Live Draw Result] Thailand Lottery Result Today 16th July 2019

Thailand Lottery Result Today 16th July 2019

Get Lastest result of the Thai Lottery 16-07-2019 here. Everyone knows that the result of the lottery in Thailand comes the 1st and 16th dates of each month. Result of the Thai lottery on 16th July 2019. Here we will update the complete result of the Thai lottery. The result of the Thai lottery is the most anticipated event in Thailand. We tried to deliver the best results to the Thai lottery players. Please note that the Thai Government Lottery Office will draw the lottery results today earlier than usual at 11:45 A.M. do not forget to buy your lottery tickets and come here to check the result of 16th July 2019.

[Live Draw Result] Thailand Lottery Result Today 16th July 2019

The day of the results of the Thai lottery is very important for lottery players. They do their best to win the Thai result. We mentioned here some very important points to win the result of the Thai lottery of 16-07-2019. The magic numbers we provide here are the best for you. With these 123 lottery numbers, you have a great chance of winning a prize in a Thai lottery. We also provide tips on winning numbers, Sixline, 3 lucky numbers and the last 2 numbers … You have a chance to become Thai Lotto King on July 16th, 2019 results day.

Here we will share the full results of the lottery and the results of the Thai lottery with the winning number on the day of the result, so stay tuned to the next results and results of the lottery in Thailand.

[Live Draw Result] Thailand Lottery Result Today 16th July 2019

Thailand Lottery Tips 

The lottery in Thailand of 16-07-2019 over the last 12 months is also available on our website. These past tips and Thai Lottery papers are even more vital to the success of Thai Lottery-hungry players. You will see all the previous Lottery effects in Thailand and make a selection of the numbers kept after the calculation. The live dashboard of the Thai Lottery and the total indicators of the Thai Lottery can be useful to achieve the number of goals.

Thailand Lottery Result Draw Method 2019 

Ten “guests ” not affiliated with the lottery attend each draw to act as official witnesses. Draws take place at GLO Headquarters on the first and sixteenth of the month. If one of these dates falls on vacation, the draw is postponed until the next day. All drawings are televised from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the day of the draw. The following procedure is followed: [Link]

  • One of the guests is named “President of the draw”.
  • You inspect the equipment, the number of bullets and look for anomalies.
  • Draw President randomly selects the balls (numbers) to initialize each drawing machine.
  • The draw President randomly chooses a colored ball to determine the order of the smaller draws. Four colorful balls mean different prizes: yellow for 2nd Prize, Pink for 3rd Prize, green for 4th Prize and blue for 5th Prize.
  • The six-digit numbers are drawn for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th prizes. Total impressions: 165.
  • Three-digit figures are drawn for the three-digit price. A total number of impressions: four.
  • A two-digit number is drawn for the double-digit price. A total number of impressions: one.
  • A six-digit number is drawn for the first prize. A total number of impressions: one. ± 1 special batch numbers are also advertised.
  • Draw a two-digit number for the Thai Government lottery bonus of 30 million baht *.
  • Draw a two-digit number for the 22 million baht bonus from the Thai charity lottery.
    After the last three draws, the officials remove the bullets from the machines to show that the 10 numbers were present.
  • The bonus prize was eliminated by the military Government after August 1, 2015.

Thailand Lottery Brief Introduction:

The Thai lottery is based on the lottery game published by the Thai government lottery office. The draw takes place on the 1st and 16th of each month. The Thai lottery opens its doors 2 days before the draw date.

The official draw time of the draw corresponds strictly to the draw time of the lottery office of the Thai Government.

The management reserves the right to cancel or cancel the draws in the situation as follows:
The official draw is inaccessible for an extended period
The official draw result is published before the system closes for betting.

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