Casino bonuser – What is it about wagering requirements?

If you are a frequent online casino player, then you must have heard the terms casino bonuser and wagering requirements. Let get into details about what is the interlink between the bonus and the wagers.

What is a wagering requirement?

It is a playthrough requirement, that represents how many times the player needs to stake a received bonus before withdrawing it. It is usually shown as the multiples of bonus money.

Why is it needed?

The answer is simple, the casino website does not want to lose too much money, by offering more bonuses. That is why these wagers are always attached to the bonuses offered in the online casino or betting games.

    • To save the casinos from being ruined, if all the players encash their bonuses instantly.
    • To allow the casino to run, so the players can come daily and spend some money, which keeps the casinos running.
    • To follow the casino regulations.

Other important things about bonus and wager requirements

  • If the required wagers are not met, the players will not be able to withdraw the bonus money. They only have the option of canceling the bonus. In this case, the player can withdraw what they earned from their real money. Still a benefit, right! If you want more, meet the requirement.
  • Once the wagers are met, the player can convert the bonus into real money. Yes, the proper licensed online casino follows the regulations and they allow players to withdraw it whenever they want to.
  • The legally licensed casinos always ask for the KYC of the player, before approving the withdrawal. This is to avoid fraud.
  • So it is understood that the wagering requirements of the bonuses are legal.
  • The players can withdraw their bonus money through the same mode of payment that they used for adding deposits.

Some more points to understand

  • The wagering requirements can be based on the bonus and/or on the deposit amount made. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions before proceeding to register with the website.
  • Though the casino bonuser is seen as an expense for the casino websites, that is an important factor that drives the casino business.
  • Given the competition in this business, it is always good for the website to offer more bonuses to attract more players to their site.


Hope the information above helps you to understand more about casino bonuser and the wagering requirements attached to them.