Winning Tips for Online Betting


The w88 Website covers all of Asia, but is most popular in Thailand, where it originated. The most important reason it is beloved of all its members is that it is an “honest broker”. It “reserves” the right to full payment for its registered members and their winnings. Gamblers have faith in w88. In a country where only the National Lottery is the only legal avenue for gambling by the people, the w88 Website is trusted for its veracity as an unofficial administrator. The gambling websites listed by w88 are known as w88 สำรอง, and can be found on https//

Website Reservation

The websites “reserved” by w88 for the general gambling public are governed by a set of rigidly administered codes and laws. Some of these instructions that must be satisfied by member-websites are as follows:

  • The websites must offer games in the domain of Sports and Casino.
  • The great gaming products include Live Casino, Slot Games, Super Bull Poker, Sports Games, and of course Lottery.
  • Each game must be vetted by w88 for fairness, and level playing field.
  • Each member website of the umbrella organization, w88, must fully satisfy w88 first of their own authenticity and trustworthiness first before being listed.

Winning Tips for Online Betting

  • Each website listed by w88 must possess a security system that the Playing Members can trust.
  • The cyber security system is fully tested and investigated by anti-hack and malware experts before being certified by w88.
  • The financial background and status of each website is carefully verified on behalf of the Player-Members.
  • All financial transactions of each website listed by w88 must be submitted for intensive analysis by the w88 Team, to satisfy the Team of the honesty of the transaction.
  • The rigorous and elaborate procedure for the registration of websites ensure that each website listed is completely above board at all times.
  • Protecting the identity and personal details of the Member-Players is a bounden duty of the websites listed, under w88.

Player Registration/Keeping Back

The Registration of the Players as Members follows a straight forward route, as follows:

  • The Player must first acquire the Form from the online website https//
  • This form contains a number of general and personal details of the Applicant.
  • This Form must be filled completely, and an account established.
  • The Player can now place bets, and make deposits, with w88 สำรอง