Never get addicted to gambling

Games of skill and games based on luck. The types of types of gambling some sports opportunity is the ultimate protagonist while in others its their part is marginal. According to the types of weight of luck, 3 types of games can be distinguished.

Games of chance, luck and skill

All games of chance presuppose a kind of “bet”. In poker, for example, you bet money on your cards wishing they are better than your opponents. When you play an both, a triplet, any other combination on a lotto wheel, you do so with the confidence that those numbers will be drawn on that wheel. Even when you buy a Scratch & Win you make a bet: that the winning symbols are hidden under the silver layer of the ticket PG สล็อต.

In most cases, when you gamble you are not gambling against other players but against the dealer . In Scratch & Win, for example, even if the hope is to be luckier than those who preceded you, the exchange of money always takes place between you and whoever issued the ticket, specifically the State. If you win, you cash. If you lose, you pay. This is a clarification that at first glance might seem irrelevant but which is instead useful for understanding how, in some games, the chances of winning are very few, as you will discover better in the course of this page.

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Games of chance are considered to be all those whose outcome is, to a lesser or greater extent, afluenced by fate . The dealer deals the cards after shuffling them, the dice can land on any of the six sides, a lotto number is drawn at random from ninety, any of the countless combinations of symbols can come out on the slot machine screen.

Gambling means risking money in order to win more ; all games of chance, despite their differences, start from this premise. And, ultimately, you decide what risk to take. In sports betting, for example, we talk about odds. If the victory of a football team is given at 2.5 it means that, if this were to happen, you would collect 2 bugs and50 for every euro spent. The risk is, therefore, of one euro or, in other words, your prospect of earnings is 250%. The higher the odds, the greater the risk and vice versa. A similar argument applies to the lottery too. It is up to you to choose how many numbers to bet: on just one, for example a “laggard”, on both, a triplet, a quatern or a five. You can decide whether to place the bet on the single wheel or on all. You have the possibility not only to determine how much to put on the plate, but also how much to risk. The drawing of a single number on a wheel has a probability of about 1 in 90, that of both is about 1 in 400, that of a triplet is about 1 in 12,000. And so on. As the odds decrease, the risk of losing the wagered amount increases.