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The most important basic poker strategies

Many online poker players have tried the game with friends or in a free poker app or software and then venture out to the real money tables to try their luck. Dozens of online poker gamblers lurk there, just waiting to pull the money out of their pockets.

Especially as a beginner, but also as an experienced player, you should definitely prepare for your first real money 인천홀덤, sit ‘n’ gos and cash games so that the fun doesn’t end after a few minutes and your player account is empty. Here are some rules which  have put together some poker rules guides for new players. Of course, it is even better if you are familiar with some basic poker strategies, such as bluffing or positional play, at the very beginning of your poker career.

If you have a little experience and are about to or have already left the novice poker tables, you should slowly start learning more in-depth strategies. For example, pot odds calculations and value bets are relatively easy to learn tools that can give you a significant advantage and take your game to the next level.

Perfecting your bubble and river play and recognizing and applying various strategies such as small ball or short stack will help you to be more successful at the online poker table – even against more experienced players.

Basic Poker Strategies


Good positional play is the key to success in poker. Learn how to assess and play off your position at the poker table perfectly.

Protect leaves

By protecting your own hand, you prevent an opponent from trumping you on the turn or river. One should underatand how they can best protect a good hand.


When you bluff, you are pretending to have a better hand than you actually have. Find out how best to mislead your opponents.

Recognize bluffs

Detecting a bluff early on can bring you a big profit. It is important to know how you can read your opponent and recognize his bluff.

Heads Up Strategie

Even though you only have a single opponent in heads up, it is one of the most demanding disciplines in poker. Following the guide you will become a dreaded heads-up specialist.


The tilt in poker describes the negative feelings you can develop after a series of defeats. In this guide you will find out how to deal with these feelings and avoid tipping.